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Hey! I just now ran across this. I don't log into NG often anymore, so sorry this slipped by me for so long. This is absolutely awesome! This is the first time I'm heard a remix of my own stuff so this was really cool. It sounds fantastic! The piano adds a really nice touch. I like the jazzy piano solo bit. The slap bass is great too. It all blends together really well and gives the piece a new sort of life. If you ever want stems or anything, feel free to hit me up. Awesome job though. Thanks!

SwanBrown responds:

I'm jazzed that you got a kick out of it. So much of your stuf is Great to listen to, and play along with, it actually took me longer to pick one to be my actionscript guinnypig than it took me to write the code.(came down to this, "Mud", and "The Heat Wave Machine". I'm thinking about surfing NG for unrelated tunes that happen to have tempo /Key similarities, and doing another because shortly after publishing this, It occured to me that controls with Physics could be hella fun to play with (like a Spring loaded five pound fader dial that would keep rocking)(.
Well, Anyway, Good To hear from you